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John Tracey

Functional Bodybuilder

What Moves Him? 

Functional Bodybuilding

Sports Nutrition

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Health & Fitness Memes

A Good Donut

Who He Is for OPEX South Brooklyn:

John is an Associate Coach at OPEX and former coach at OPEX Riverdale in the Bronx, NY. John joined the team in December 2020 and typically works with clients interested in functional bodybuilding and body re-composition. John discovered his passion for coaching training BJJ in his early 20’s and eventually moved into functional strength and conditioning. John is also our resident grill master and owner of every health and fitness product on the market.

“Do you have another set left?”


  • Former Coach at OPEX Riverdale (’19-’20) 
  • Precision Nutrition L2 (PN2)
  • Nutrition Coaching Institute L1 (NCI)
  • Pre-Script L1
  • Pre-Script Skill Acquisition
  • CrossFit L1


Be sure to check out John’s social media for tips on movement, nutrition, and the occasional donut shop crawl when he’s on a weekend adventure.