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Why Did We Choose OPEX?

Why Did We Choose OPEX?

The OPEX South Brooklyn team met each other almost five years ago through CrossFit. We loved the application of functional fitness, Olympic weightlifting, and intensity, but over time we knew the model was broken. As both athletes and coaches, we noticed the injuries pile up and our progress slow.


Templated programming worked until it didn’t. We felt great until we got hurt. The group classes provided motivation and built camaraderie but lacked specificity. This quickly led to burnout and muscular imbalance.

It was obvious to us. A 40-year old mother trying to feel good and have more energy should NOT be doing the same workouts as a 25-year old male who played college sports. Period. It doesn’t matter if it’s scaled or not. The movement pattern AND loading aren’t appropriate.

So, when it came time for us to open a gym, we knew we wanted to do something different. We wanted to focus on the individual. It’s important to us that our gym’s methodology is aligned with our values and beliefs as both athletes and coaches. For too long we’ve felt that group classes have limited us from properly coaching our clients.

For that reason, we decided to affiliate with OPEX Fitness. Their mission statement is in alignment with our core values:

To inspire people to live larger lives through fitness.

In a group setting, we would see the same clients repeatedly, but never had enough time to assess and fix any issues they may have had. With OPEX, not only do we get to work one on one with our clients off the gym floor, but we also enjoy the support of an amazing community of people who love training on the gym floor.

The OPEX model offers a comprehensive fitness experience. And this experience is built around three key pillars:

Coach. Client. Community.

That phrase symbolizes the individual relationship of the coach & client as well as the collective gym. No other gym experience offers customized fitness in a team environment. We like to think of it as personal training without the micromanagement – but it’s way more than that. It’s the best of both group fitness AND personal training. And most importantly, it aligns with our desire to offer a professional fitness coaching experience to every member we get to work with.

There is nothing more we want than to see you succeed. Under OPEX, we will help you progress your health and fitness in the gym, but also help you live a larger life outside of it.

Life is meant to be experienced to the fullest. With OPEX, we know we will deliver the results that YOU want while also still balancing your personal, professional and family life over the long-term. We can’t wait to sit down with you and figure out your goals and what makes you “tick.”

– Brian, June & Francesco


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