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Chantel Bermejo

Movement Guru

What Moves Her? 

Women Empowerment 
Culinary Art

Who She Is for OPEX South Brooklyn:

Channy is our resident mobility/breathing expert and 5-star chef. When she’s not floor coaching or teaching her incredible Active Recovery class, she’s cooking up some fire Chilean Sea bass. Chantel is also incredibly dedicated to continuing education for coaches, so be sure to check in with her every so often to see if she learned anything new. Although she’s part-time for now, Chantel will soon join the full-time staff, so keep an eye out for her when she’s available for booking!

“Failure is Feedback.”


• Bachelors in Kinesiology at Brooklyn College (‘16)

Former Coach at CrossFit Coney Island (2017-2019)

Movement Specialist at Forward Physical Therapy (2016-present) 

CrossFit L1

• PRO Natal Certified Trainer (Pelvic Floor Specialty)


Be sure to check out Chantel’s social media for tips on how to recover better. Also, don’t miss out on her IG stories, so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at her Active Recovery class, dope cooking skills, and her fur baby Chino!